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A reusable packaging system that reduces the environmental impact of disposable tableware in the street food industry

Project Type

UX research and design, product design, system design
Individual project 
14 weeks


Planned and conducted qualitative stakeholder interview and quantitative research


Data analysis, ideation, and concept development


Delivered a business system design and its service blue print

statement_ Cari.jpg
Problem Break Down_ Cari.jpg

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User group_ Cari.jpg
Qualitative Research_ Cari.jpg
Diary Study_ Cari
Interview_ Cari.jpg
Card Sorting_ Cari.jpg
Embodiment Research_ Cari.jpg

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System Diagram_ Cari.jpg
Insights and Goals_ Cari.jpg

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Ideation and Review_ Cari.jpg
Deliverable_ Cari.jpg
Business Model_ Cari.jpg
Container_ Cari.jpg
Personas_ Cari.jpg
Service Blue Print Intro_ Cari.jpg
Service Blue Print_ Cari.1.jpg

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Callenge_ Cari.jpg
Grad Show Take-Away_ Cari.jpg

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Review, Reflection, and Next Step_ Cari.
Special thanks to: 
Babette Strousse               Instructor Jonathan Abarbanel   
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