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A personalized facial treatment system for young adults who have acne-prone skin

Phase 1
Phase 2

IxD project
App Redesign
2016 / 2022
14 weeks


Persona, journey mapping, workshop ideation, prototyping, user flow, wireframe, UX/UI redesign, presentation, acting

Acne Problems Oftenly Get Worse

Young adults who have acne-prone skin are more likely to make their skin condition worse. Furthermore, it affects their personal and professional confidence.

Project Goal
Stop the Vicious Cycle

Guide young adults with acne-prone skin to maintain a skin-friendly habit, and eventually stop the vicious cycle.

Qualitative Research
Interviewing the Professionals and the Users

To learn more about skincare and the users’ habits, we interviewed two professionals and five young adults. For the more detailed and realistic data, we also observed and documented participants’ skincare processes.

Qualitative Research.png

We learned from the professionals that practicing a personalized systematic skincare routine is very important for each young adult. The personalized systematic skincare routine includes:

  • The suitable product

  • The right amount of product

  • Proper gesture

  • The exact area of the skin for product application

  • Correct order and timing

For young adults, their difficulties include: 

  • it’s hard for them to find the skincare routine that fits them because there are overwhelming amounts of products on the market, and many different methods passing among media.

  • The skincare process usually takes a long time to see the progress. Losing the track of feedback makes them turn away from being motivated and maintaining the routine.

Take-aways from Analyzing the Qualitative Data

To learn more about skincare and the users’ habits, we interviewed two professionals and five young adults. For the more detailed and realistic data, we also observed and documented participants’ skincare processes.

Systematic routine icon .png

Systemetic Routine

It is hard to know and practice the numerous tasks accurately throughout the skincare process. 

Personalized icon_ Mavis.png


An appropriate skin cleaning process is different for each individual and takes a long time to figure out.

Feedback_ icon.png

Feedback on Progress

Lacking in-time feedback on the progress and alert of the possible harm stalls people from continuing the skin-friendly routines. 

Persona and Problem Highlights in a Day
Putting ourselves into the Users' Shoes

In order to study our participants' daily lives and find out the key moments when the problems exist, we created a journey map with a persona - Ada. To have her represent our participants, they shared similar interests, goals, fears, motivations, and lifestyles that related to acne. 

Persona Ada_ Mavis.jpg
Persona Journey.png

By putting ourselves in the shoes of Ada, we noticed some key moments that our new design can help:

  • The environment where the skincare processes take place can be messy because there are many different products. It is hard for young adults to keep everything organized, especially when they are in hurry.

  • Acne is a hidden problem that young adults pay attention to it at the wrong time and with inappropriate actions.

With a clear journey map, we can plug in the solutions while minimizing the sacrifices from young adults’ daily habits. Even if they have to do some minor changes, our design should provide incentives in exchange.

Competitive Analysis
Current Products and the Skincare Needs 

To identify our opportunities to improve the skincare experience, I created a checklist based on the requirements of the skincare processes we learned from the primary research and analysis.

Competitive analysis copy.png

The common products were not designed to tackle the problems at the key moment. A few years after this project, I found that HiMirror, which was developed in the same year as our class by New Kinpo Group, is our main competitor. Other than skincare products, it focuses more on makeup while we focus more on cleaning.

Work Progress
Several Meetings, Workshops, Presentations, and Crits

We got better at communication, collaboration, and presentation with helpful advices from the class through several meetings, workshops, presentations, and critiques every week.

Mavis Logo.png
Artboard 19.jpg

Mavis provides a personalized skincare process, builds confidence by providing reliable information, clear feedback on progress, and leads young adults who have acne-prone skin to a skin-friendly lifestyle.

System Diagram

Work Progress
Systematic Treatment for Both Domestic and Carryon

To achieve coherent systematic treatments for young adults with acne-prone skin, Mavis includes a set of physical products that guide the users through the skincare process and an App that the users can carry the alerts and progress with them.

Frame 31.png

Mavis Bathroom Set

Frame 30.png

1. Smart Mirror

  • Interact with the users directly

  • Guide users through the skin-care processes and show them the areas to cover

  • Quickly capture the daily skin condition

2. Detailed Skin Condition Tester

  • Detect and allow the users to learn more about their skin condition

  • Improved the personalized skin-care process as the time passes and skin condition changes

3. Facial Brush and Massager

  • Worked with the smart mirror and the dispenser to increase the accuracy and efficiency of cleaning and skin-care product absorbing

4. Skin-care Product Dispenser

  • Deliver the appropriate amount of products in the right order

  • Clear up the bathroom counter

How does Mavis work?

How does Mavis work_ image.jpg

The smart mirror activates by voice control, so the user does not need to touch anything with wet hands.

A small camera on the mirror will take a photo for a quick skin condition analysis.

The mirror will display a brief report of the day and let the user know the steps to take. 

The colors show where the user should target cleaning, and the colors gradually disappear throughout the process for a sense of achivement.

When the user is done with the process, the mirror gives the user encouragement, and provides some skin-care tips accroding to the user's need of the day.

Mavis can also provide a detailed check to get an accurate analysis. 

The data shows both on the mirror and on the Mavis App. 

User feels satisfaction by checking the progress and sees improvement overtime. 

When the user has further questions or concerns, the user can ask the Mavis App directly.

Mavis Mirror High Fidelity Wireframe

Since keeping a proper routines is difficult for young adults with acne prone skin, we make sure that mavis Mirror leads our user through every step of the skincare process. 

Artboard 10.jpg

Mavis App High Fidelity Wireframe

Young adults with acne prone skin need more confidence about skin friendly decisions, so Mavis App provides visual data to show the skin condition and specialized skincare tips base on their lifestyle and local wheather. They can check the app anytime during a restroom break or while making plans for the weekend. Mavis App will also show the users how much their skin has improved by documenting their progress to keep the user motivated to continue their skincare routine. 

Artboard 22.jpg

Validation from target users and professionals

Include our uses' budget in consideration

It would be better if we can go back and ask our interviewees for validation or advice before finalizing out designs. If this project continues, this would be the next step. 

School projects usually does not give us a budget constraint. To turn this project into real-life, matching up our target users and their budget consideration would be a challenge for this project. 

Special thanks to: 
Michelle Kim                        Teammate
Refaeli Ma
Kiki Wang        
Nick Wang                           Director of photograph  
Muqing Li                             Filming
Raymond Yen                      Gatter
Heidrun Mumper-Drumm     Voice cover   
Cindy                   Interviews  
Grace Kim
Annie Pan
Andy D.
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